Why would you get bottle service at clubs?

Ketel One Bottle ServiceAt first glance, bottle and table service at the best clubs in the city seem like a rather expensive decision. Table reservations are often accompanied by a purchase minimum: for example, some clubs may only offer bottle service if you spend no less than a couple of hundred dollars. So what’s the benefit of having bottle service? Bottle service allows clubgoers to comfortably sit in a booth and enjoy the luxury of having their drinks served rather than buying them at a bar. In most cases, your group will be accommodated by a single waiter or waitress and sometimes a group of employees who will make sure your table is always clean and refilled all night.


Bottle service is beneficial for a medium sized group who wish to enjoy the party and not have to purchase drinks at the crowded bar. Clubgoers who opt for bottle service will always receive top notch service from venue employees.

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